Some cheerleaders can't wear sweatpants and they have suggestions on tampons. Is this 1918 or 2018? Check out this article and take our poll.

"Where else are you going to meet people in this business?" Smiley said during a recent TV appearance.

PBS has put the talk show host on ice while they investigate accusations that he engaged in sexual relationships with subordinates who worked for his show.

Annoying coworkers can ruin the workplace...don't be one of them!

We know that even in 2015, women earn less than men for the same work. It’s unfortunate and we work to change the system. But while we work to make that happen for the society at-large, we can also fight the subtle sexism that we might encounter daily in the workplace. MUST READ: 8 Things […]

A well-stocked desk could keep your professional look on point, and we’ve come up with a few must-have items for your workplace beauty arsenal. We’ve all been there: you’re hard at work when your productivity flow is stopped in its tracks by beauty emergency. You’d really love to focus on that project at your desk, but […]

Lacking confidence on the job may be predicated by many triggers. For most people, the first couple of months on a new job brings forth some form of performance anxiety. This is in part due to worrying and wondering if the job you are doing is up to par with company standards. As most companies […]

It’s no secret that the glass ceiling is still holding a lot of women back from achieving everything they need to at work. So it’s time to break it, slowly, surely, individually and together. In other words, let’s get your mind in the right place so that success is attainable. MUST READ: Woops! Should You […]

Women literally make up half of the workforce, but only about 15 percent of those women are represented in top executive spots at Fortune 500 companies. Those numbers are even more heartbreaking when you factor in women of color. African-American women represent 1.1 percent of corporate officers in Fortune 500 companies, which equals a sad 106 […]

A recent article highlighted 10 highly successful people in business who also shared what they wish they knew when they were 22. I wish I had known and totally accepted that everything I wanted would not come easy. That was definitely a hard lesson to grasp. Thinking back to when I was 22, the […]