‘Love Is Blind’ Couple Lauren And Cameron Hamilton Talk New Season, And Their Formula To A Sweet And Spicy Relationship

Lauren and Cameron Hamilton Attend Detroit Pistons v Atlanta Hawks

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Lauren and Cameron Hamilton proved that true love can be found on Reality TV when they met, fell in love, and married in the first season of Netflix’s “Love is Blind” series. Five years later, the couple carries the torch as the show’s favorite couple. We’ve watched the pair, who appear to be polar opposites, connect genuinely, making romantic cynics like myself believe that if your heart is in the right place, love can be blind.

Lauren was the spicy firecracker Scorpio who fell for Cameron, the sweet and sensitive Cancer. They were different, but their personalities balanced each other out. The sweet and spicy combination made for a promising union that has garnered five years of marital bliss. The couple is a shining example of the phrase “opposites attract,” proving the benefits of standing authentically to attract what’s meant for you.

The couple’s instant connection was captured on screen for millions of viewers to witness worldwide. And when asked what the secret is to their longevity despite their very different personalities, Lauren attributed it to acceptance. “I think appreciating each other for being different and celebrating that. Not trying to change each other, but coming together and creating something beautiful,” she says.

“That’s been the main thing for us. Enjoying life, celebrating each other, cheerleading each other, communicating with each other. That has really taken us a long way – five years plus, to be exact,” she continues.

In an exclusive interview with the Hamiltons, we discuss their Swicy (Sweet & Spicy) relationship, their thoughts on the new “Love is Blind” cast, their current partnership with Lay’s, and how fans can enter to win $1,000.

You can learn more about the Lay’s contest here.

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