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Motherhood is a balancing act singer Ciara knows how to do well. In addition to her successful music career, a resume noted with heartwarming philanthropic moments and an admirable family life we get a glimpse at on social media. Most recently, she opened up about the struggles she faced losing weight after the birth of her third child Win Harrison. Ci Ci has since dropped over 30 pounds and is continuing to use her platform to raise awareness with her latest Cerving Confidence Campaign.

“I learned that Black women are two times more likely to die from cervical cancer, which was incredible,” she said during a 10-minute chat. “Understanding the late screening – you can have advance cervical cancer. The positive I will say is that you can prevent it.”

Shifting gears, we transitioned into her definition of “having it all” and how health is essential to that mantra.

“I think having it all, is honestly, with me and one of my good friends we talked about ‘health is wealth.’ My friend was going through a really tough time in his life. Your values shift when you go through things and you get older and when you have kids they change your perspective  on life – dramatically. Health is wealth – being able to have the basic foundation and fundamentals in life in tact.”

Touching on how she learned to redefine her sexy after motherhood and how she schedules a self-care routine so she doesn’t neglect herself. “I will say I have three kids, but my husband is my big baby. I got four babies I look after,” she joked. “Often times we’re last in line for ourselves. And how we give time to ourselves. But. greatest thing is also scheduling time for myself.”

Ci Ci revealed she practiced self-care by keeping it cute during her pregnancy.

“In the pandemic, I still wanted to look cute. I was pregnant as hello! That alone will make you wake up looking crunch but I was still committed to keeping it cute.”

Watch the full interview above.


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