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Hello Curvy: Milano Di Rouge Is Luxury Streetwear That Is Curvy Girl Friendly Too

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I had been wanting to support popular brand Milano Di Rogue, created by Black mompreneur Milano, for a while, but I was I was very apprehensive the celebrity-endorsed clothing line is not necessarily known for it’s plus-size clothing. And frankly, all plus-size fashion is not created equal.

Often times, there’s a disconnect when brands that typically don’t carry plus-sizes expand their range to accommodate curvy girls. This is the reason I and many other curvy girls shop with extreme caution; we want fashion but we want it to fit properly and we definitely do not want to waste our coins.

“Everyone wants to F it up one good time, plus-size influencer Chastity of Garnerstyle once said. Honestly, this is exactly what prompted me to move forward with purchasing from Milano Di Rouge despite my hesitation. I love the fashion that the brand offers its customers; the vibrant color and the silhouettes that can be dressed up or down. I have never been afraid to pop style or serve curves even when I was much larger in size, I just didn’t have the options that I have now. I never would have given this brand a second thought at a size 28 but now at a size 16 (sometimes 18), I feel a little more comfortable. Oh and let me just say that I am glad I took a chance on Milano Di Rouge because I definitely feel like I “F’ed it up” with the “Loni Dress” (pink maxi length bodycon dress).

I learned a long time ago when shopping for plus-size clothing online — know your measurements. I checked their size chart like Santa Claus checks his list because I didn’t want to order two sizes, which is something that has become a thing for plus-size women. I also didn’t want the hassle of returning merchandise either and lastly, I wanted my dress. I decided to get the 1X because according to my measurements that was what was going to work for me. However, when the dress arrived I was convinced I had made a mistake. Thank God for spandex!

The “Loni Dress” cost $80 and I think that is a good price for a dress of that quality by a well-known and well-respected brand. Honestly, most of the brand’s merchandise is budget-friendly with outerwear being the most expensive items and even they are under $300. And please don’t say $300 is a lot because I see yall rocking Gucci tights and I know what they cost because I have a pair.

So yeah, Milano Di Rouge is plus-size friendly. Based on your proportions, their 2X will fit up to a size 24 (maybe even 26). Just know that their bodycon dresses are not for the modest curvy girls, it is for those who are not afraid to serve BODY ODY ODY.

Lastly, plus-size women remember, no one styles and wows like black women, this has been our truth since been and that fact doesn’t exclude you and your curves.


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