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Lizzo live in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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Another day, another Tik Tok challenge to slay! Hunty, with the current state of the world, we have to do what we must to keep ourselves sane. Social media has definitely proven to a great source of entertainment with Tik Tok leading the way birthing challenge after challenge.

There have already been three lit challenges this year and we are only two months into 2021. The #bussitchallenge, the #junebugchallenge, and now we have the #silhouettechallenge. The girls are showing up and showing out for these challenges. From sexy to funny AF and everything in between, content is being served and she is queen.

And since content is queen, can we talk queen size for a second? As a curvy girl, I believe these challenges aren’t complete until some curves are thrown into the mix. Why? Because what is a silhouette without curves? Representation and diversity among these challenges allows the ignoramuses of the world to view plus-size bodies as sexy. (You know…the people who act like curvy girls are cursed because they fail to meet society’s standards). The same people who troll Lizzo and other curvy women who are bold and unapologetic about their bodies and anything else for that matter.

Luckily, women with huge platforms like Lizzo, don’t let negative comments dictate her life. The superstar dropped her own silhouette challenge and it’s sexy as hell. Keep scrolling to see these other plus-size beauties showing off their shape.

1. @lizzobeeating

We all know that Lizzo never comes to play when it comes to these challenges. She does the damn thing so effortlessly every damn times and while haters are going to hate. We absolutely love to see it! 

2. @FrancieMaupin

Notoriously known as Miss Diva Kurves, Francie Maupin oozes sex appeal. It doesn’t matter if she is fully-clothed, in the skimpiest lingerie, or in her birthday suit; Francie’s good form is going to capture your attention and keep it. 

3. @tiathevibe

Honey, if nurse bae needs to be personified, somebody best to get at Shantia because, WHEW CHILE! Sis is following all the CDC guidelines while breaking all of society’s rules. I guess this is what we can all sanitized and sexy. 

4. @WhitneyNFears

Clearly, Whitney has no fears (pun intended) when it comes to curving us. Nor does she have an issue creating a scene because while I know it was the #silhouetteChallenge, I didn’t expect that from the beginning. Well, I guess I can release my pearls for now. WOW! 

5. @charisma_monroe

Her profile reads “Top Shelf BBW” and we see why. Sis makes sexy look simple AF and we are not mad at all. Oh and for anyone who is mad, hello hater. It was the seated silhouette for me honestly. 

6. @nessasherysse

Now wait Nessa, did you not get the memo about the challenge sis? You were supposed to start off regular and go into the hot girlish. The pajamas with the booty out nearly took us out girl. Oh and then the girl came through with even more pressure. All we can say is, GO AWFF!

7. @TabriaMajors

All COVID aside, Tabria made 2020 her b!t(h and we wouldn’t have expected her to not come out the gate swing in 2021. She nailed the silhouette challenge with ease, hell after that Beyonce tribute, we are convinced she can do whatever whenever.