Body Positivity

Your mothers, grandmothers, aunties, and girlfriends are being ignored by healthcare professionals more focused on the scale than their symptoms and you can help.


“It is beautiful work, but it's still work nonetheless.” 


“I do think tech companies should step up and take the initiative to combat the issues surrounding body image," said Majors.

Nina Parker's new fashion collection with Macy's is the company's first plus-size line created by a Black woman.


"We want fantasy, but guess what? Plus-size is fantasy to a lot of people," said Crosse.

Celebrity-endorsed brand Milano Di Rouge recently expanded their collection to include plus sizes. Here's how the "Loni dress" looks on curvy girls!

Lizzo and fellow curvy girls like Tabria Majors participate in the viral #silhouettechallenge.

A recap of some of the top moments of 2020 brought to us by plus-size women

Plus-size influencer and model Maui Bigelow breaks down the eight best plus-size boutiques that offer great clothing at budget-friendly prices.

Lucky for me, you, and my curvy crew, we were able to get a couple of pieces from the Adidas X Ivy Park “Drip 2” collection prior to them selling out online.

Plus-size model Tabria Majors has gone viral many times for her body and looks, but her Beyonce tribute even has the queen Bey in awe.