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Asia'h Epperson

Source: BET, All Rights Reserved / BET, All Rights Reserved

BET and BET Her are bringing Christmas to the small screen – your laptops and television sets.  In “The Christmas Lottery,” which aired on December 12th, a father (Reginald VelJohnson) has a big Christmas announcement for his daughters – he won the lottery for $10 million. Only problem is, he demands his three daughters mend their broken relationship to maintain their cuts. Asia’h Epperson plays the oldest sibling Deidre.

“Deidre is the oldest sister. The one who stayed back and helped with the family restaurant and took care of her parents,” Asia’h revealed about her character who plays the oldest of three – herself, Nicole (Brave Williams) and Tammy (Candiace Dillard). “I relate to Deidre the most because of how strong she is and has to be. She’s caring. She’s responsible.”

Asia'h Epperson

Source: BET, All Rights Reserved / BET, All Rights Reserved

Following the premiere of “The Christmas Lottery,” HelloBeautiful spoke with Asia’h Epperson about the BET film itself, maintaining the health of her blonde hair during the winter seasons and what her holiday gift guide is looking like. Check out our conversation below.

HelloBeautiful: When it comes to the forthcoming holiday season, how will you be spending your holidays?

Asia’h Epperson: I always spend my holidays with my family! I live alone in LA so any chance I get to go home for the holidays, I’m there. I love spending time with my friends and family and loved ones .

HB: Let’s talk about your hair – it’s blonde and healthy, which is pretty hard to maintain especially during the winter months. What’re your hair care tips and tricks for the winter?

AE: Yes. I’ve been coloring my hair since middle school, all different colors, but I have been blonde for like 10 years now. I love it. I’ve been all different shades of blonde and it is hard to keep it healthy, especially in the winter months. I do a lot of conditioning treatments [and] a lot of natural oils. Just put it in, brush it through, and wear my hair slicked back and oiled up for 2 days! No heat [and] let my hair just breathe.

HB: In previous interviews, you’ve mentioned that your father was a professional bodybuilder and he instilled the importance of health and wellness in you from a young age. How have you been putting your health first – mentally, physically and spiritually?

AE: Oh yeah. Overall Health and fitness was installed in me from an early age, and like you mentioned, not only physically, but mentally, and spiritually. They all work hand in hand if you ask me. You have to work on yourself from the inside out. Health and wellness all around and my dad is definitely the man who made sure I practiced all of those things at all times. He was all about being the best you can be [and] he was an overachiever! I’m a lot like him [and] I wanna be great at everything I do.

HB: You’re also a licensed massage therapist. What’s the importance of massages for physical health maintenance and what’re some of your faves?

AE: I got my license to be a massage therapist about 7 years ago. I personally love getting massages and facials. I could live in the spa, but honestly I’ve been giving massages since I was little. My grandma and my dad would always tell me I have healing hands. In between jobs as a singer-songwriter and actor, I worked as a massage therapist. I was really good [and] I made a lot of money. I just couldn’t do it anymore: I couldn’t block the energy, it just got too much for me to touch multiple people a day, and I lost my passion for it. I loved helping people and healing people and making them feel better, but it turned into something that was just draining all of my energy. I prayed and prayed and worked and worked until I didn’t have to do it anymore.

HB: Which character wardrobe do you like best and whose closet would you raid – Tasha Skanks (Greenleaf), Diedre (The Christmas Lottery), or Felicia (Straight Outta Compton)?

AE: Tasha was flashy and fun. Her wardrobe mixed sequin, plaids and pops of color. I’m not as flashy as she is so I wouldn’t mind having some of her wardrobe! Lol!

HB: If you won the lottery, what would be the first few things you’d do with the money?

AE: If I won the lottery today, I would pay off any debt or bills. Then make some smart investments, do some things for my family, then some things for myself!

HB: Let’s say you put some of that money towards a beauty and fashion shopping spree – what’s in your cart?

AE: Anything and everything – it’s a shopping spree! I don’t have a budget. I’m hittin’ a few different malls and whatever my heart desires and whatever catches my eye, I’m getting!  Whoever is with me is gettin’ some stuff too. I love buying for other people !

HB: What’re some of your skincare must haves  for your personal gift guide this Christmas?

AE: I love trying new skincare products, but I also like to stick to some things that I use daily that I love like Dickinson’s Witch Hazel, Drunk Elephant Vitamin C Serum, and Aveeno moisturizer. Another must have is a tinted moisturizer with SPF – that is my go to! NARS brand to be exact and some Burt’s Bees chapstick.


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