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Alicia Keys - Keys Soulcare

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Quarantine skin and maskne have become buzz words among women our skincare regimens have changed. Alicia Keys knows first-hand the struggles of adult acne, having publicly suffered with condition for much of her career. Years ago, she denounced makeup all together in a personal stance that encouraged her fans to embrace their natural skin. Fast-forward to today and Keys has made the foray into the wellness lane with a new skincare collection.

Keys Soulcare, which is available now on their official website and, was announced shortly after the 15-time Grammy-Award winning artist, producer, actress, and New York Times best-selling author released her critically acclaimed self-titled album ‘ALICIA’ to the world. According to Keys, there are four major keys to life – body, spirit, mind and connection, which represent the physical, mental, spiritual and social selves that intertwine to create the “inner light” of a human being.

Alicia Keys - Keys Soulcare - First Ritual

Source: Keys Soulcare / Keys Soulcare

We had the chance to speak with the Truth Without Love singer about her new lifestyle brand through e.l.f. Beauty, her clean, cruelty-free, dermatologist-developed products, and how her skincare line is a reflection of her inner beauty and self-love. 

During a VIP social distancing experience titled Keys Soulcare Lounge, a few select participants including myself had the opportunity to listen in on a fireside chat between the “Underdog” songstress and Keys Soulcare President and e.l.f. Beauty CMO Kory Marchisotto to discuss the products, with additional expertise from board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Renée Snyder. The initial products of the line include the Obsidian Facial Roller, the lightweight hydrating Skin Transformation Cream, and their signature Sage + Oat Milk Candle inspired by the ancient Egyptians. 

Alicia Keys - Keys Soulcare

Source: James Bailey / James Bailey

After a conversation with Marchisotto about her products and inspiration behind the Keys Soulcare line, it would be remiss if I didn’t ask the “More Myself: A Journey” author about her relationship with love and inner beauty as a public figure, mother, wife, and woman. 

“One hundred billion quadrillion percent of this is what I feel, believe and how I live my life,” Keys passionately explained. “And the secrets or the things I utilize in my daily life to just remind myself of my inner beauty, it’s the most important thing.”

Key’s Soulcare embodies her authentic voice and encourages customers to embrace their inner beauty.

“Honestly, you can have what alleged beauty looks on the outside, but if you’re not fulfilled on the inside, it’s not real, it’s empty, so, I really believe in this idea of fulfilling ourselves and taking the time for ourselves. Think about how 2020 has been a hell of a year, like how are we with finding the fortitude and finding the ability to fight forward when we’re empty inside, you know, so that seems to be the embodiment of these offerings, and really putting good things in your body and choosing good things around you.”

Alicia Keys - Keys Soulcare

Source: James Bailey / James Bailey

According to Keys, Soulcare can begin with anything from relationships to food and of course skincare.

“I love that they are pure but also effective and we’re all really making a difference in our skin and body, because it has to work, so I love that as well. I think the meaning of it all is just that this idea of beauty, this idea of community, uplifting, nourishing the spirit, this whole concept of Soulcare, it’s one of the things Kory and I talk about so much is that we have something for nail care, we have something for hair care, we have something for skincare, we have something for body care, but we don’t have anything for Soulcare – like how about that?! What are those things that really take care of the soul? These are all the things I’m always thinking about and talking about and you can definitely feel it and I know that it’s resonating because it reminds me of what I need to do too and what grounds me.”

To purchase Alicia Keys’ official Keys Soulcare skincare line, visit or visit their official Instagram page.


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