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Alicia Keys "ALICIA" Album

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Alicia Keys appears on the cover of her self-titled album ALICIA in her most natural form — the Show Me Love singer is rocking neat corn rows with squiggly baby hairs Saweetie would approve if. Keys released her seventh studio album at midnight, but if you’ve been following her on social media, you know sis has been on her grind for weeks now promoting the uplifting music with performances and virtual appearances.

In fact, Alicia Keys, in all her braided glory, has graced my TV screen at least a dozen times this week. And in a place I never thought I’d see keys and her piano — on the NFL network. As their spotlight artist of the month, there she was again, belting out her song beside a piano or singing Lift Every Voice And Sing before Sunday’s opener. That’s when it dawned on me, I had never seen a Black woman rocking corn rows like this on this channel. It sent me on a nostalgic trip leading back to her days when she popularized fulani braids upon her 2001 debut with Fallin.

Throughout her career, Keys has worn such a variety of braided styles and in 2019, brought back her iconic look when she wore plaits to host the Grammys. Her hairstylist, who was behind the look, modernized the singer’s love for braids and beads an adorned her hair with crystals.

From 106 & Park to the Grammys, Keys’ has stayed true to braided styles. As we celebrate the release of ALICIA, we celebrate two decades of her braids as well.

1. Alicia Keys, 2001

Portrait Of Alicia Keys Source:Getty

Upon her debut in 2001, Alicia Keys burst onto the scene with her piano and braids that instantly turned us into fans and her into a trendsetter. The “fulani” braids became ever-so-popular and had us all running to the neighborhood braider with a bag of beads. 

2. Alicia Keys, 2004

Ladies First Tour - 2004 Oakland CA Source:Getty

Alicia Keys rocked these stringy braids at the “Ladies First Tour” in 2004 playing up her tom-boy, sexy swag with a sultry red corset and jeans. 

3. Alicia Keys Visits “Sesame Street,” 2004

Alicia Keys Visits "Sesame Street" - December 2, 2004 Source:Getty

In 2004, Alicia infiltrated our playlists with her album (released in December 2003) “The Diary Of Alicia Keys” and influenced our style with her lady Iverson braids. Women everywhere were flocking to the salons to recreate the Alicia’s snakey corn rows mixed with straight-backs that were braided into a big ponytail.

4. Alicia Keys, 2006

"" Launch Party - Arrivals Source:Getty

Alicia rocked these skinny corn rows to the launch party for her entertainment company Krucial Keys. 

5. Alicia Keys, 2014

2014 Social Good Summit - Day 1 Source:Getty

Alicia made beaded braids with fedoras cool. In 2014, she was slaying the red carpet with her hair. 

6. Alicia Keys, 2019

2019 Billboard Women In Music - Arrivals Source:Getty

Staying true to her fashion, Alicia donned corn rows and a perfect lavendar suit to the Billboard Women In Music event. She would later host the legendary Grammy Awards wearing a similar style.

7. Alicia Keys, 2020

CBS's Coverage of The 62nd Annual Grammy Awards Source:Getty

At the top of the year, Alicia sparkled in this Versace gown and braids adorned with crystals.

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