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Beyonce Black Is King

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There’s so much to discuss when it comes to Beyoncé’s Disney feature “Black Is King,” which is why we’re still talking about it today. The lyrics, the music, the dancing, the imagery, the fashion, the hair –there’s so much to dissect, celebrate, and even attempt to recreate and we’re happy to report that we can help you with the latter.

In case you didn’t know, Kim Kimble was one of the hairstylists who worked on Bey’s project, and, having partnered with Cantu in the past, the haircare brand put together a few tutorials on how to recreate the glorious textured looks Kim created for Yonce on set. Now all you have to do is bookmark this page, head to Target or Sally Beauty to pick up any of the products noted below that you don’t already have at home, and get to experimenting. Let us know how it goes!

Beyonce Hair Black Is King

Source: Cantu / Black is King


Step 1 – For looser curls and waves, spritz hair with water and apply Coconut Curling Cream to moisturize hair and detangle hair after applying product. For more kinky coily hair, blow out hair first and then lightly apply Coconut Curling Cream to hair.

Step 2 –Section hair into 4-8 sections depending on length of hair. Spray Shine and Hold Mist on each section so that hair will be able to hold and maintain waves and curls after styling.

Step 3 – Twist sections into 2 strand twist and wrap hair with a satin scarf or bonnet overnight.

Step 4 – Use a dime size amount of Coconut Curling Cream to undo twists and lightly separate strands in each section and gently fluff. Spritz Shine and Hold Mistto hold curls and protect against humidity.

Beyonce Hair Black Is King

Source: Cantu / Black is King

How To

Step 1 – Section freshly washed hair into 4-6 section. Lightly spritz hair with water and apply Wave Curling Mousse on each section.

Step 2 – Tightly braid each section and sit under hair dryer until dry (estimate time 1 hour)

Step 3 – Let hair cool after drying. Lightly undo each section of braids and carefully fluff out each section with a pick.

Step 4 – Part hair laterally, with 1/3 of hair at the top (enough to make a ponytail). Then apply Edge Stay Gel on edges and gently brush top 1/3 of hair into a ponytail. Pin additional bobby pins to better secure ponytail at the top of head.

Beyonce Hair Black Is King

Source: Cantu / Black is King

How To

Step 1 –  Section hair into 6-8 sections, lightly spritz with water and moisturize each section with Moisturizing Curl Activator CreamGently detangle each section and then apply Flaxseed Smoothing Cream Gel to hair.

Step 2 – Roll each section of hair into curling rods or flexirods (approximately 3-5 rodes per section).

Step 3 – Dry hair under hair dryer or sleep in rollers/flexirods overnight until hair is fully dry. Take down rollers in each section.

Step 4 – Make a circular part around the circumference of head, leaving about 1/2 an inch to 1 inch of hair out. Gently separate and pick out hair that was not parted out (hair that is in the middle), and create a messy top bun on top of head. Use bobby pins as needed to secure bun. Apply a small amount of Flaxseed Smoothing Cream Gel to strands not in messy bun and separate hair.


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