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Tonight’s episode of How to Get Away With Murder is slightly less fast paced than usual, but it’s not without suspense. We find Annalise still doing public defender work. In fact, she’s doing research for a class action suit against Virginia Cross, the DA who conveniently missed evidence in several people’s cases, but that’s not what the bulk of this is about yet.

The case Annalise picks up for the immediate future is that of Soraya Hargrove’s divorce. Soraya is reluctant to work with Annalise, and Annalise isn’t particularly fond of her, but Soraya might lose her kids so Annalise wants to help her make it right. You know how she has been on this kick lately of righting wrongs, right? So this is that.


Soraya is being represented by Tegan (Amirah Vann) from Caplan and Gold. Tegan is Michaela’s new mentor. Soraya failed to mention that she brought Annalise on as co-counsel. Tegan and Michaela do not like this at all. Their meeting is quite awkward but they have to work together because they get word that Soraya’s husband has some incriminating footage of her, drunk, which will not bode well for her getting custody of her kids since this is a violation of her agreement to remain sober. Tegan and Michaela feel defeated, but Annalise refuses to take the L. You know how she do. Annalise says they can counter sue Soraya’s husband for violation of her privacy (the footage and even Soraya’s drunkenness was clearly a setup for this purpose). Tegan and Michaela still aren’t with it though.


Later on, Michaela tells Tegan that she hates Annalise and wants off the case. Tegan says she hates tons of people at her firm but she works with them because she’s a boss and she’s trying to teach Michaela how to be one too. In short, all of this is awkward between these ladies, but man do they look fierce. Three sistas working it out!


Denver discovers that Laurel is Bonnie’s intern and demands she be fire. But Bonnie informs him that he’ll be kicking off the term (he’s running for district attorney) with a discrimination lawsuit because Laurel is pregnant. The look on Denver’s face when he finds out that Laurel is pregnant is quite sinister and when you remember that he knows Laurel’s pops.


In the midst of all of this, Michaela informs Laurel that she can’t snoop freely because the firm keeps tabs on who logs in and out of every single file. Laurel tells her to suck it up and figure out a way around this.

Back to the Hargrove case.

For a hot second it starts to look hopeless, but in the end, these boss chicks work it out. Annalise discovers that Soraya’s soon-to-be ex-husband is basically a criminal. He hid several of his assets before filing for divorce (you know, off shore accounts, etc). He’d rather stay out of jail himself so he concedes and allows Soraya to have joint custody of her children and she gets a nice pay out.

Tegan tells Annalise that if she’s looking to make a new home somewhere she’s happy to talk to her bosses. Annalise says it’s good to know that and sees herself out. Michaela follows Annalise and tells her that she doesn’t get to work there and mess things up for her especially since she’s “working for a real mentor.” Then Annalise pulls her card and says she latched on to Tegan just like she initially latched on to her because she’s looking for the mother hers never was.


A much deserved burn. Annalise is shady, but she’s in the situation she’s in because of them!

Meanwhile, Annalise’s therapist is concerned about her relapsing because she is working herself too hard, particularly trying to overcompensate for lives she thinks she’s ruined. But then he also realizes that Annalise is a trigger for him. After he takes his notes, he welcomes his new patient, Julie. And gasp! Julie is actually Bonnie.


And then we get to the meat of the episode. Laurel discovers that Denver possibly covered up Wes’ murder for her dad. She puts pressure on Michaela to figure out how to access the files at Caplan and Gold, and jokes that one of them needs to seduce the IT guy. But like…they both know an IT guy.


And then we fast forward to the night Laurel is in the hospital, where things still aren’t quite coming together yet. So far we keep seeing flashes of Annalise’s therapist at the hospital consoling Michaela and a bloody crime scene elsewhere. It turns out the crime scene is Caplan and Gold. We see Bonnie showing up at Caplan and Gold after calling the therapist (who ignores the call). She’s there to investigate and is told that there is a witness. The witness turns out to be Oliver. OLIVER IS AN IT GUY!


So, Laurel isn’t dead and neither is Michaela, but if Oliver is the witness to a murder and Laurel lost her baby behind whatever trauma happened, then we know this is some deep ish involving Laurel’s dad.

Let’s meet back here next week!


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