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How to Get Away With Murder picks up with another flashback, so we don’t know whose body Annalise has to identify. Remember Laurel’s request of Michaela from last week? It was to take the internship at Kaplan and Gold (the firm that represents Laurel’s father) so she can get dirt on Laurel’s dad and help take him down for killing Wes. Michaela is not with it. She’s scared to move forward with this because she doesn’t want anymore scandals, but part of her also doesn’t believe it. However, Kaplan and Gold is one of the best firms ever, so you know Michaela is not about to turn down that internship. But helping Laurel is still up in the air.


Annalise is broke and needs a job, so she continues on the freelance track and picks up a case from a Chief Public Defender named Virginia. In case you didn’t know, public defenders are over worked and underpaid and tend to have backlogs of cases so Annalise’s help is welcome here.

The defendant is accused of killing his child’s mother, but he says he’s innocent. He has been in jail for 12 years and Annalise is determined to get him out (you know she loves looking after broken people). He was never 100% clear about what happened that night, but Annalise demands he tell the truth. He reveals they had a fight because she told him their daughter wasn’t his. He went on a rage, calling her all kinds of names and then she jumped out the window, but he’s accused of pushing her. Annalise is trying present the narrative that she killed herself in court. This trial is his appeal. It’s imperative that Annalise win otherwise he’s going to rot in jail.

Anyway, Nate gets called to the stand because he was an investigator on the case. Surprise!


(Shirtless pic just because, hi).

Annalise lowkey freaks out because you know the backstory. Even more frustrating is that Annalise is forced to cross examine him, and it’s as awkward as you might think because she goes ham on him, trying to make him seem like he didn’t do his job properly.

Back to Michaela. She discovers that she’s not going to get handed the Kaplan and Gold spot easily because do tournaments with their potential interns. Potential, as in all the people chosen are just the top candidates in the pool, but they’re not official yet. So, they must all compete in a trivia showdown by answering questions about the firm. These are not easy questions and only one will remain. Michaela is about that life so she goes in.

Later on, Nate hits up the DA’s office, frustrated with Annalise and tells Bonnie that if she wants to “get that Annalise stank off of her,” then she’ll do him a favor, but we don’t know what that is just yet.

You know it’s going to be petty, though, right?


Then Annalise runs into Laurel in the bathroom. Laurel immediately starts acting stank and starts slick-talking Annalise, insinuating that she ruins everyone’s lives. She mentions that she and Asher are still looking for internships, and Connor dropped out of law school.

But, why do these kids hate Annalise when they started all of this? They’re the ones who got into it with Annalise’s husband, because they couldn’t leave well alone, which ended up leading to his death. And Annalise covered it up to help protect them! I digress.


Anyway, Nate and Bonnie’s plan is to hire Oliver to hack into Annalise’s voicemail to find anything they can that could help the case. Connor ends up finding a voicemail containing the confidential conversation between Annalise and her defendant where the defendant reveals that they fought because his girlfriend told him that their child isn’t his. Basically, Nate took a page out of Annalise’s book. Let’s cut to court. Due to Nate’s new info that he passed on, the prosecutor demands a DNA test because this information was omitted.

Now Virginia is threatening to take the case back from Annalise and just as Annalise finishes this call, as she walks to her car, she finds Bonnie and Nate chatting.

It’s confrontation time!

She says she gets why Nate would do what he did, but not Bonnie. Bonnie is being super cold  and smug, so Annalise attempts to beat that arse. Nate claims it’s all him who did it, but Annalise doesn’t buy it. However, luckily for Bonnie, Nate manages to keep Annalise from delivering that fade.


Then Annalise gets a phone call from the morgue. The body they wanted her to identify turns out to be that of Jasmine Bromel.



We really wanted her to win. Sigh. It’s an overdose.


Annalise is triggered so she goes to her counselor to talk. Later on, she discovers that someone dropped off some footage (taken by an ATM machine) at her door. She calls Frank to see if he did it because he’s the only one who knows where she lives. He says it’s not him but he can find out who did it. Isn’t it ironic that he’s the only one still loyal to her?

Anyway, the footage shows the defendant’s girlfriend jumping out of the window! She did kill herself after all. But like, who would hold on to such footage for 12 years? We’ll get that answer in a sec. Frank discovers that the person who delivered the footage is someone who has been screwing Virginia, the Chief Defender.

Nate and Bonnie hope that Annalise would ask for continuance with the case, but nope, she got that fire now!  In court, Annalise is forced to call Virginia to the stand as a hostile witness. The footage is rolled and then she demands to know why she never presented the footage. Virginia says she was so swamped with cases that she didn’t really have time  to “spend an extra 40 minutes” looking at the footage.

She admits she made a terrible mistake and apologizes. A mistake? YOU SENT AN INNOCENT MAN TO JAIL FOR 12 YEARS!!!


Later on, Virginia off on Annalise and even spits on her because she’s going to be disbarred (which Annalise doesn’t believe because if she didn’t get disbarred then there’s hope). Her counselor chastises her too for “destroying someone’s career.”


Annalise says she did what she did for the greater good, but the counselor is upset because he feels like Annalise is repeating the same risky behavior that got her in this predicament in the first place. He thinks her ambition and ego are making her risk everything, and he wants her to be a hero for herself. But like, what was she supposed to do in that case? Virginia was dead wrong. Anyway, Annalise thinks he just wants control and tells him he’s not going to break her.


Laurel presents more concrete proof to Michaela that her father killed Wes and tells her to go in and get justice for their fallen lover and friend. Finally, Michaela squares off with the final intern in the tournament at Kaplan and Gold. She wins of course! Game on.


Two months later we’re back at the hospital after Laurel realizers her baby is gone. We see Annalise’s counselor approaching who he thinks is Annalise. It turns out that it’s Michaela. She’s standing outside the baby nursery, staring through the window and having a break down. She;s covered in blood and deliriously crying about how everyone around them dies.

Another womp womp for the crew.


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