Michaela Pratt

Annalise and the governor's pact gets turned into a war, Nate will stop at nothing to prove foul play in his father's death and more.

Tonight’s episode of How to Get Away With Murder is heavy. HEAVY. But the heaviness doesn’t hit until the end, and out of nowhere. Buckle up. We start the episode with Bonnie at her sister Julie’s place. Julie isn’t too thrilled to see her. It’s clear that they trigger each other. However, Julie invites Bonnie […]

Laurel's father legally snatches her baby right from under her nose and plans the use him as collateral.

Annalise Keating is put in a triggering position when it comes down to trying to save Laurel's baby.

Bonnie's attempt to sabotage Annalise's class action suit fall flat, Nate is back to being a good guy, Frank thinks Laurel's plan to take down her dad is a suicide mission.

Bonnie continues to sabotage Annalise's class action suit against Virginia, Tegan gives Michaela some Louboutins as a welcome present and more.

Annalise and Michaela are forced to work together over Soraya Hargrove's divorce case.