As the series ends tonight, here are the times that Viola Davis' Emmy-winning role has given us some serious life over the past six years.

Annalise figures out that Xavier Castillo is working with the governor as part of a wicked plot to take her down, Laurel fears for her and Christopher's lives, and more.

Annalise gets more shocking news about Emmett, the kids work to get Oliver's laptop back, Tegan seems to have Annalise's back and more.

Annalise contemplates an immunity deal from Agent Telesco, Tegan makes a stunning move, Emmett Crawford is super shady, and more.

Annalise gets on board with Nate's master plan, Gabriel is in deep trouble, Tegan is working with the feds and more.

Gabriel made a critical mistake that may have cost someone their life, Nate comes up with a master plan to cover up Miller's murder, and more.

Tonight's episode provides more flashback episode that Sam is trash and probably got what was coming to him.

Bonnie and Nate find themselves working together after a series of unfortunate events leads to murder, Annalise learns the truth about Gabriel, and more.

Annalise and the governor's pact gets turned into a war, Nate will stop at nothing to prove foul play in his father's death and more.

Tonight’s episode of How to Get Away With Murder is heavy. HEAVY. But the heaviness doesn’t hit until the end, and out of nowhere. Buckle up. We start the episode with Bonnie at her sister Julie’s place. Julie isn’t too thrilled to see her. It’s clear that they trigger each other. However, Julie invites Bonnie […]

Annalise and her students score a major victory, Bonnie spirals into sadness after Nate digs up her past trauma, and more.