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Under the direction of Ryan Coogler (Fruitvale Station)Creed delivers 70s nostalgia, intimate moments and fight scenes so visceral you can almost smell the sweat and blood through the screen.

Michael B. Jordan stars as Adonis Johnson, the illegitimate son of the late boxing legend Apollo Creed. For those not familiar with the Rocky series, Creed suffered a life-ending blow during an exhibition match against Ivan Drago.

Adonis was raised by Creed’s widow Marianne (Phylicia Rashad), who rescued him from juvenile detention centers and foster care. Although Adonis’ young adult years were cushioned by the money of the father he never knew, coursing through his veins is the blood of a Philadelphia-raised championship fighter.

With no trainer in LA willing to go against Marianne’s word to give him a chance in the world that killed his father, Adonis ventures to Philly where he trains under Rocky Balboa’s guide and wisdom. While coming into his own and honing his skill, he finds love in Bianca (Tessa Thompson).

The chemistry between Jordan and Thompson is electric, as they call upon subtle nuances of black love to propel the plot.

Bianca is a developed character who uses her sultry music and drive to push Creed to achieve his goals. Tessa Thompson actually sang and co-wrote the music that is featured in the movie, (and let me just tell you the song Grip she performs is FIRE!).

The movie also serves as a love letter to Philly, the backdrop to the entire Rocky series. The city is a major character, with Philly cheesesteaks, street biking, and the word ‘jawn’ getting their own starring roles.

In true Rocky classic fashion, the entire movie culminates in an epic fight, which is just as much about the boxing ring, as much as it is about the internal conflict of the soul.

Creed is sexy, motivational, visually stunning and the perfect ode to the beloved series.

We hope this movie wins at the box office!


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