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Here we go again. Stockton, CA police are under scrutiny after a video surfaced Wednesday showing a total of nine cops–NINE COPS–arresting a Black teenager for jaywalking, according to reports.

In the beginning, one officer approached the teen, probably to write him a ticket for jaywalking (he was trying to catch a city bus). The teen continued walking to the bus, and the officer responded by grabbing the young boy and pulling out his baton.

Eyewitnesses said the officer hit the teen several times before backup came. The officer can even be heard telling the kid, who was balled up to protect himself, to stop resisting…this is after the kid was punched, by the way. And no, he wasn’t resisting.

The video will probably upset you. And…these cops will probably just be “placed on desk duty pending an investigation” and then terrible cop apologists will somehow rationalize this type of police behavior…all because the kid jaywalked. He wasn’t right by ignoring the cop, but he didn’t deserve this. This is exactly why he probably ignored the cop.

Fine tax dollars at work. Smh.


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