Sadly, too many Black celebs and influencers are showing their true selves...and it's not pretty.

Her family is demanding more answers into her 2015 hanging death in a Texas jail.

All Jazmine Headley, 23, wanted to do was get a daycare voucher for her son so she could start her janitorial job. Somehow, that turned into violence.

A bystander videotaped the Coral Springs authorities hitting the 14-year-old while she was lying face down.

Bunmi Borisade believes that while her honor roll son wasn't following directions, he didn't deserve to be humiliated and frightened.

The movie follows LAPD officers haunted by the ghost of a boy killed at the hands of police.

Despite Michael Thomas Jr. being innocent of any wrongdoing, Police Supt. Eddie Johnson said the officers involved “followed all of the rules and protocols.”

Attorney Gerald A. Griggs also told HelloBeautiful that Houston's restaurants have an ongoing problem with treating its customers of color with respect.

Cheirha Rankins says she couldn't see her 18-year-old son because the hospital was on lockdown.

From the golf course to Waffle House to our own homes, our lives and bodies are constantly under attack.