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There’s nothing more glorious than the appreciation of food being made into a delicious trend. Being a foodie is a glorious way to celebrate diverse cuisines, cheesy, deep-fried everything and all things dipped in chocolate. It’s like we’re in a club. And while we all experience our membership in different ways, there’s certain sentiments that we all share.

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Here’s a few feels that only foodies will understand.

1. Your life is a series of moments between your next meal.


2. You’ve always got a food stash, in case of emergency.


3. Sometimes you don’t know why you’re eating.


4. We understand the importance of pockets.


5. Relaxing is only better with food.


6. Food brings comfort.

7. You always have a bag big enough to pack food to take with you or to take food home.


8. We have a hard time letting things go, especially when it’s about food.

9. Mention food and our selective hearing shows up.

10. It excites us when food is incorporated into other things we love, like clothes.



11. Smelling a specific food when someone passes by with it and being able to identify that food.


12. Nothing else never matters.


13. We will work for food.

14. Food over BAE.

15. Food is always emotional.

16. We fantasize over eating like this.


17. We love it when you share your food, but umm…we’re not.


18. We don’t like it, but we keep eating it.

19. Our plan need to involve food.

20. We know food is therapy.

21. Food is the ultimate life partner.

21. We’re always hungry.


22. We don’t understand every meal isn’t a buffet.

Can you relate beauties?


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