1. Will Follow For Food

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We’re all obsessed with food. Duh, that’s why we take pictures of our meals before we eat them. It’s those people (you know you’re one of them), that you should be following on Instagram. Food porn is the only type of porn you can gawk at all day without being judged, right? Right?! Check out these foodies you should allow into your Instagram feed. Hehe, pun not intended, but it totally works. #Feed

2. @TheKitchenista


Angela Davis, no…not her. But this food lovin’ lady, Angela Davis is an aspiring chef who started a blog called, The Kitchenista Diaries to share her love of food with the world. She posts recipes, teaches you how to equip your pantry and more.

Follow her on @thekitchenista

3. @DariusCooks

He’s not only one of the best cooks on Instagram, but he’s hilarious. Darius posts prayer sessions about being fat that will have you on the floor! He’s also all about making sure his food appears as sexy as possible. You will be licking your lips following this guy!

Follow him @DariusCooks

4. @Chef_JusBlaze


I started following this guy for his amazing liquor-laced desserts. He’s more than a Ciroc cupcake, Chef Jus Blaze is the kind of chef who pays attention to detail with Soft Batch Cookies Stuffed Bailey’s and Hennessy Cheesecake. He’s also a master at savory. Do yourself a favor and peep his remixed recipes.

Follow him @chef_jusblaze

5. @LesBInTheKitchen


This self-taught beauty has a love affair with food that she’s not embarrassed to broadcast. I promise you, every single thing she posts will make your mouth water. Her journey is nothing less than inspiring.

Follow her @LesBInTheKitchen

6. @PissingInThePunchBowl


Marcus Nilsson is a food photographer who gets to travel to some pretty amazing places and snap shots of some of the tastiest (and sometimes disturbing) foods. From Bon Appetit to Martha Stewart Living, Nilsson shares behind-the-scenes footage as well as some of his own kitchen masterpieces.

Follow him @pissinginthepunchbowl

7. @TheChef82


This man is a chef adventurer and travel photographer and his photos prove both of these to be supremely true. From the most exotic locations to the most beautiful decorated plate, you’ll want to be transported into this Instagram account!

Follow him @thechef82

8. @ParkersPlate


By day, Parker is an on-air host for CBS Atlanta and by night, she’s a culinary goddess who gets her groove on in a 1970’s style kitchen. Parker’s been a personal chef and decided she’s not the serving type, so now, as a producer and host, she gets to share her love of food with the world.

Follow her @ParkersPlate

9. Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten

Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten

Yes, this is the genius behind the famous posh restaurant, Jean-Georges. If you love food, then you def need to be following one of the most famous chefs in the world. From posting photos of a cheering Martha Stewart to beautifully executed food, Chef Jean-Georges is a must-follow.

Follow him at @chefjgv

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