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blackwoman-comp-madDid you beauties peep the horrible hashtag, #EndFathersDay that was started by 4chan, the popular boards dedicated to a variety of topics, from Japanese animation and culture to video games, music, and photography?

The website’s members are mostly “men’s rights activists, pretending to be feminist of color as a part of a larger project called, “Operation: Lollipop.” “Operation: Lollipop” is a propaganda campaign run largely by members of the Men’s Rights and Pick-Up Artist communities. The idea is to pose as women of color on Twitter and guide activist hashtags as a way to embarrass the “online social justice community.”

This focus from “Operation: Lollipop” on Black women is almost flattering, as many of the false accounts held by the operation were meant to imitate us. What’s disheartening though is that the hate for women is so strong (and not just women, but powerful Black women) that this group is willing to create an entire plan to take us down on social media. But Black Twitter won’t let that happen and they decided to fight back urgently. Enter: #YourSlipIsShowing

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Once “Operation: Lollipop” was exposed as a trolling mechanism to outrage and call out Black feminists, Black Twitter jumped in with the brilliant and subtly exposing hashtag, #YourSlipIsShowing. These fake users attempted to take over conversations about feminism, racism and sexism that Black women have been engaging in online.

Check out the series of #YourSlipIsShowing tweets @Sassycrass compiled that explain Operation: Lollipop’s tactics and exposes the 200+ fake Twitter accounts that contributed to the #EndFathersDay tweets:

According to reports, 4chan users came up with a new plan to pose as feminists of different races and begin arguing that certain races were “white enough to benefit from white privilege.” They called the plan “divide and conquer.” SMH. Why though?

Do you think #YourSlipIsShowing is a good reaction to spark social change around offensive tactics like “Operation: Lollipop?”


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