Nicki Minaj lauded a 14-year-old Chicago teen for protecting his mother, Carlisha Hood, during a potentially deadly altercation, calling the teen a “hero” and offering financial assistance.

The men may not be here for the WAP video, but us women don’t really care! Cardi B and Megan thee Stallion just changed the game by partnering with Cash App to give away one million dollars on Twitter. This will be the biggest cash giveaway on Twitter, ever. Off an high of their very successful […]

The stunning melanated beauty gets the last word on that infamous clip of being berated by Tyra Banks for not wanting "to fix" the gap in her teeth.


Employees and fans of the makeup retail powerhouse have taken to Twitter to react to this news.

If you ever questioned whether Donald Trump was racist and xenophobic, this is your proof, hands down.


Listen...Folks who voted for Trump are still deplorable, fake attack or not.

Abrams is the first Black woman in history to deliver the response for the party.

Alexis Olympia Ohanian's doll has more followers than all of us!


Last time we checked, Black dolls come in all shades and hair textures. So, what's she really trying to say?