Saturday, Jan 20 marked the second annual Women’s March that took place in Washington D.C, New York, Chicago and other cities around the world. Thousands of women, men and children came together to resist President Trump, his anti-woman rhetoric and his racist, problematic administration. To celebrate this day, we put together this gallery of 30 […]

Janelle Monae thinks women should stop sleeping with men until they are doing everything in their power to push for equal rights for women. The Electric Lady looked stunning on the cover of Marie Claire‘s Fresh Faces Issue, but it’s her words that are really grabbing everyone’s attention. Janelle told the magazine that women shouldn’t […]

To the fauxminist women for Trump, I’m done with y’all.

The award-winning novelist featured in "Flawless" believes the pop icon spends too much time on how our lives are connected to men, but commends Bey for standing up for what she believes.

FLOTUS talks about her college advice for Sasha and Malia and how her haters are her motivators.

President Obama is advocating for women who have had the unfortunate experience of being harassed online.

Several women were asked if they'd rather men or women are easier to work for. We got some interesting answers.

Why are some Black women still so uncomfortable with the label feminist?

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Grace Lee Boggs - a champion for civil rights, labor rights, feminism, and the Black Power movement - has died.

President Obama on Saturday dedicated his keynote speech at the Phoenix Awards to Black women