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George Zimmerman must be having the best year ever. He gets to commit all kinds of crimes and get off without any charges! The latest? The Orlando Sentinel is reporting that no charges will be filed against Zimmerman in the domestic dispute with his wife, Shellie Zimmerman. Lake Mary police claim they couldn’t salvage video from an iPad Zimmerman smashed while he was involved in a dispute with his estranged wife. Because the evidence is destroyed, he will face no charges. Zimmerman was also acquitted of the murder of Trayvon Martin in 2012 when he claimed he shot the unarmed teen in self-defense.

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On September 9 (four days after Shellie filed for divorce), Zimmerman, Shellie, and her father, David Dean, got into at the home the couple formerly shared on Sprucewood Court in Lake Mary. Allegedly, Shellie and her father were moving out of the house when Zimmerman showed up with what her attorney described as “a 400-pound” body guard and a blonde. Reports say Zimmerman threatened them with a gun and after a scuffle in the garage, Shellie’s father ended up being punched in the nose. Shellie then called 911.

Shellie video-recorded the altercation with her iPad, but Zimmerman pried it open, tore it apart and threw it on the ground, but the security camera at the house captured him tearing it up. But wait–did the same camera capture the fight?!

Zimmerman told his attorney, Mark O’Mara that the fight started after they argued over “pots and pans.” Police handcuffed Zimmerman for a brief time that afternoon, but released him after Shellie and her father said they did not want to prosecute. There was also no gun found on Zimmerman, but he claims Shellie hit him with the iPad he smashed.

The iPad’s circuit board was broken into two pieces, one chip was missing and the board with the microprocessor was bent and connections had been detached, according to the 30-page police report that still somehow get Zimmerman off scot-free.

“No further examination is possible at this lab due to the severely damaged components,” wrote Jonathan S. Jacobs, the Secret Service agent who examined the iPad. Shellie’s attorney, Kelly Sims, called the outcome “a shame. … I don’t know this science very well. I was hoping smarter people than me could locate it. .. I was hopeful.”

Ok, I’ll say it…the 30-page police report. How was there was not enough evidence to prosecute Zimmerman in 30 full pages?! SMH. Zimmerman’s invincible and it’s just not right.

What do you think of Zimmerman getting off…again?!

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