Trayvon Martin's birthday reminds us that the world lost the sweet boy way too soon.

In a series of text messages obtained by The Blast, the man acquitted for the death of Trayvon Martin allegedly called Bey a "whore" and claimed to want to feed the rapper to the alligators.

The same man acquitted with the 2012 death of unarmed teen Trayvon Martin is being charged for harassing a private investigator.

The man who was acquitted for killing the unarmed teen continues to prove why he is not only dangerous, but is also utter trash.

The justice system has once again worked in favor of George Zimmerman.

Matthew Apperson faces a minimum of 20 years in prison for attempted second-degree murder.

George Zimmerman is one of those people who give humankind a bad name.

George Zimmerman, who has a history of domestic abuse allegations, was recently suspended from Twitter for attempting to blackmail his ex-girlfriend.

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A Twitter account that allegedly belongs to child killer George Zimmerman retweeted an image of Trayvon Martin’s body laying on the wet grass on the night Zimmerman shot him to death, Raw Story reports. Zimmerman, who has been hiding his violence and racism a lot less lately, retweeted a follower who called him a “one-man […]

Sybrina Fulton and Michael Brown, Sr. will be taking part in today's events to commemorate Till's life.