3. Mellie Is Playing Fitz Like A Puppet

Mellie, Mellie, Mellie! She’s always ahead of the game! She knows that Fitz isn’t exactly too fond of her these days but she knew the exact way to control him: Olivia Pope. After the bomb scare was finished, Fitz found Mellie drinking alone in the dark.  He joined her for a shot or two and  then “drunk Mellie” came out in full effect! After asking him if he wanted to get it on and being declined…again (poor Mellie) the conversation turned to none other than Olivia.  Fitz asked his wife if she was sad that his mistress wasn’t killed in the explosion but Mellie assured him that Liv dying would be the worst thing that could ever happen to her. You see, if Fitz’s “whore” was killed (as Mellie loved to call her) then Fitz would build a shrine and worship “St. Olivia Pope” forever but as long as Liv was alive, she could use Liv to control the strings on her “puppet husband”. Touché Mellie, Touché!

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