2. Operation Remington

In the midst of Huck hunting and stalking Olivia’s father, Liv was in the middle of a bomb scare. Her newest client, Mary, had absolutely lost her mind. Mary was fed up with the U.S. government after they “accidentally” murdered her son and closed the case without giving her so much as an apology. She demanded justice so she took matters into her own hands, in a very “John Q” like way. She strapped a homemade bomb to her chest and walked right into the White House threatening to set it off if she didn’t get the case of her son’s death reopened. (How exactly she made it past security in the WHITE HOUSE with a bomb strapped to her chest is beyond me, but we’ll just let Shonda Rhimes slide with that one).

Of course, Olivia was in the mix to “fix” it and ended up being the negotiator that attempted to talk Mary out of her plan and free all the hostages, including herself. Live called on her Gladitor team to help break in the FBI’s files and retrieve Mary’s son’s file. Mary believed that her son was innocent and didn’t deserve to be murdered while the FBI claimed that he was a terrorist and a threat to the American people. Finally, after a full day of being held hostage, Fitz gave Olivia an interesting phone call. He admitted to Liv that Mary was right, her son wasn’t a terrorist but rather a member of the CIA who was pretending to be a terrorist in hopes of destroying an Al Qeada mission. He was murdered because he wasn’t fully trusted by the government but his murder had to remain a secret to protect the rest of the CIA members involved in the mission. Mary could never know the truth, and Liv honored Fitz’s wishes by never telling her. Mary unfortunately couldn’t handle the thought of her son truly being a terrorist and when she freed Liv and the other hostages, she set off the bomb, ruining a portion of the White House and killing herself!

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