4. Jake Has No Idea Why He’s Free, And Should Be Worried

In the midst of all this explosive drama, it was hard to forget that Jake was still shacking it up in Liv’s apartment. She finally returned home at the end of the episode to find Jake hiding out there, still bruised and beaten. Olivia immediately demanded answers. Why was Jake there? How was Jake there? Who let Jake out? No one ever made it out of the hole alive and Oliva didn’t understand why, though she wondered if Fitz had sent him to keep tabs on her.  When she asked Jake these questions, his guess was as good as hers. He also had no idea why he was free. Liv told Jake that he still wasn’t exactly “free.” As long as he was still alive, he was still useful to her father and he still was the man in control. Oddly, Liv told Jake that not only was he under her father’s mind control, but she was also! Eli Pope owned them all!

Perhaps we should be worried now.

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