1. Eli Pope Still Has Major Mind Control Over Huck

Last week, Huck figured out who the man that was responsible for controlling his life, taking away his family  (“752!”) and turning him into a cold killer really was. He was shocked to find out that it was Olivia’s father, Eli Pope, and well, livid when he found out Olivia knew the whole time and kept it a secret. After choking Liv out last episode, this time, Huck decides to take matters into his own hands again to get justice. He was on a mission to KILL Olivia’s father!!

Huck spent most of the episode stalking Papa Pope until he finally came face to face with “Command,” the man he’s been terrified of for years. He pointed a gun straight at Papa Pope’s forehead and threatened to kill him. Oddly enough, Eli Pope didn’t even flinch at the sight of the gun! It was as if he already knew that Huck wasn’t capable of murdering him and that he was still in charge. Instead, Papa Pope told Huck he had a present wrapped up and waiting for him inside of a trailer and walked away gracefully. At that moment, it was like Huck was in a daze. He dropped the gun, went inside the trailer and found a man tied up. Huck knew exactly what his mission was: murder the man Eli Pope had left for him and make it look like a suicide! Surprisingly, Huck did just that! It was as if Eli still had mind control over Huck!

When Huck returned to Olivia, she found him sitting in the dark in a daze. Olivia was in tears asking Huck if he actually killed her father, but was relived to find out that he didn’t  go through with it. Huck broke down into tears telling Olivia that he’s dreamed of meeting “Command” for years and when he finally came face to face with the man responsible for ruining his life, he was still running his life! Would Huck ever get his “life” back?

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