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Whoever told you, Spades is just a card game, lied! Spades is an intense game of skill, memory and tactic that requires one’s full attention. This means, when you and your partner sit down at the table, phones (and all distractions) are not welcomed.

This year, at the community cookout, don’t be the person who walks away embarrassed, because of your simple mistakes at the table, with these quick tips:

Cutting your partner’s book

Here’s where watching the board comes into play (among other places). It is essential to know what card was played and by who. There is no talking across the board, so once the back of that fine paper hits the tabletop, the placement of the cards will only do so much to help you figure out which club came from who’s hand. You don’t want to have to justify later why you chose to cut the highest card on the board that happened to be your partner’s book. Now you’ve possibly bumped heads but you’re the only with a speed knot!

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