Whoever told you, Spades is just a card game, lied! Spades is an intense game of skill, memory and tactic that requires one’s full attention. This means, when you and your partner sit down at the table, phones (and all distractions) are not welcomed. This year, at the community cookout, don’t be the person who […]

The timer on my stove gets used daily, sometimes three or four times a day. It tells me to check on the fish filets that I have in the oven or that the wine I'm chilling is ready to drink.

(From shine.com) The house is a mess. You’re exhausted and the kids are running all over the house because they have nothing to do. Does it feel like your kids follow you around the house creating messes where you just cleaned one up? It’s time for family chores. “The family that cleans together, stays together” […]

(From shine.com) Playtime is getting short shrift, and while children might be the ones most obviously suffering the consequences through slashed recess, obesity, and a slavish attention to resume-building activities, adults need to whoop it up, too. Studies show that a break from work can lead you to take fewer sick days and be more […]