Core And More. The space in between your lower and upper body is the meat of any running sandwich. Therefore your torso/core should consistently remain in an upright stable position. Proper posture also directly links to your breath. The more you engage the core, the stronger and more efficient your breathing will become. So take deep breaths throughout and imagine your spine lengthening with every inhalation and exhalation.

Work Those Hips. Your center of gravity lies within your hips. If your core/torso is in proper position then your hips will follow suit. A neutral spine coupled with an engaged core allows your hips to naturally fall into proper alignment, so if your pelvis bones were comparable to headlights on a car then they should always be pointing straight ahead.

Oh My Quad. Your legs are both your longest and strongest limbs, therefore when it comes to running it is crucial to achieve and maintain maximum leg power. Your stride should be short and sweet, your leg turnover should be quick and your knees should slightly lift with each stride. Simply put, your leg overall movement should be as fluid as possible and your feet should land directly underneath your body.

Put Your Best Foot Forward. Your foot strike when running is probably one of the most important and least addressed qualities of all. Proper running is the result of the amount of push and the amount of maximum force that your feet make when lifting off the ground. With each and every strike your foot should initially land within the space between the balls of your toe and your midfoot (heel striking is strongly discouraged). Your ankles should remained flexed and as you roll onto your toes try and imagine springing off the ground like Tiger. And last but certainly not least, your footstrike should not be loud.

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