Diaries Of A Skinny Fat Girl

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Just because you jiggle more than most doesn't mean you should be jiggling in the gym. Here's all the fitness fashion every curvy chick needs.

The sandbell is a weight filled with sand, so you can to really use those muscles of yours to control this new workout equipment!

Spring is officially here beauties, so let’s pack our bags, skip town and get some much needed vitamin D. Winter woes move over because tis the season to travel. I know you want to pack as light as you been eating since January, keep that bikini body intact and look fly while doing it, so […]

After decades of being told that eggs (especially the yolks) are bad for our cholesterol levels, The Agriculture and Health and Human Services Departments recently called this rule bluff. Until now, they had recommended that we keep our cholesterol intake to 300 milligrams per day, about the amount in two eggs. However, after reviewing scores […]

#TBT to 2011 when I thought running more than five miles was impossible. Fast forward to 2015, when not only was it possible, but incredible–five times to be exact (plus one marathon). So in honor of number six and seven this year, and all of my close friends that are running their first 13.1 (half […]

The athleisure trend is here to stay and I don’t want you to get left behind. Leggings are the new denim. In fact, jean sales are down six percent year-over-year, according to NPD Group. So go ahead and invest in a “great” pair now beauties. You will wear them beyond your workouts, promise. And since […]

Still on your new year new you flow beauties? Excellent! I really believe this is your year so I wanted to let you know that you can drop pounds without dropping all your cash. So whether you are a gym rat or fitness studio queen may these tips from nationally-recognized shopping expert for Kinoli Inc. […]

Bring on the red roses, chocolates, strawberries and champagne. Valentine’s Day is here again and while this holiday favors the blissfully coupled this year I wanted to give you “all” some yoga related relationship advice- boo or no boo. I learned these tips from hunky yoga teacher, Travis Eliot the creator of The Ultimate Yogi DVD program, […]

“Girl you look good, now put your back into it!” Literally beauty. The muscles in the back of our bodies are naturally weaker – simply because we move through life forward. However if you neglect the muscles seen from the rear then a host of issues may come your way. So to help you ward […]