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#TeamBeautiful has never been more excited about the return of VH1’s super hit series “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.” Or should we say, the return of Joseline Hernandez, baby! Yesterday we posted a 30-sec teaser vid of the forthcoming season two premiere and today, we are lucky enough to share with you all, the super trailer! Cue dramatic Superman music.

Season two picks up just where we left off. The love triangle between Mimi, Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez is revisited but it’s clear who is now the side chick–Mimi! Even though it appears the mother to Stevie J’s daughter moved in, it’s clear she still has feelings for Stevie. Joseline, however, isn’t letting anyone, even Mimi, get close to Stevie without  fight. Hence the brawl that takes place in the strip club between her and Stevie’s newest artist (aka who Joseline was prior to last season):

Mimi has found love in a new man. So she says. But, her mate looks like he’s more interested in dudes and poetry than her.

Stevie and Joseline are officially an item, it appears. This time around when Joseline asked the famous line “Do you lub me Stebbie?” His response was more to her liking!

You know that saying, “bros before ho*s?” Well Stevie J. doesn’t! His friendship with Benzino will come into question when Benzino and Joseline get into an altercation.

Joseline and Karlie Redd almost come to blows and it loos like Zino may be the reason why.

Joseline doesn’t talk to “the help.” And, her famous wig is back for the ride!

K. Michelle grew tired of Mimi and used her flowers like a bat and hit her with it.

Momma Dee looks like her dog.

Shay “Buckee” Johnson wants Lil Scrappy to know how hurt she is. A.K.A she’s still trying to get those paws!

Rasheeda is pregnant and her husband Kirk doesn’t think the baby is his! Scandalous! His demand for a blood test should make for great TV!

Joseline is still disrespecting Mimi and Stevie is still doing NOTHING!

And last but not least…Stevie J faces are back!UP NEXT: Watch the trailer…

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