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So you want to get your YogaFlow on huh? Low fives under the leg to you bendy FitGirl! P.S. Non bendy FitGirls you are most certainly welcomed and encouraged to join the YogaFlow party! Yoga is an incredible way to enhance your overall mind, body, spirit connection in an healthy way.

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This form of exercise does not discriminate therefore all bodies of all ages and sizes can experience the tremendous benefits of having a yoga practice. So whether you are looking to check in, chill out or shape up keep reading and find out what yoga practice is best for you.


What to expect…

A large order of relaxation sans the work. Think super long holds coupled with the use of supportive blocks and bolsters.

What you’ll love…

The physical and mental timeout is both rejuvenating and refreshing for the overstressed and injured since this practice allows your mind and muscles to ease into a deep state of relaxation.

What you may not love…

Doing almost nothing may make you go crazy if your nickname is Miss Busy Bee.

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