Fitness and Wellness guru Lateefah Fleming explains the benefits of yoga for Black women: "Because of the many external and internal social stressors—racism, sexism, socio-economic issues—Black women do not have space to accurately practice self-care in a way that is safe and fulfilling."

This was the woo-sa I needed just in time for Self-Care Awareness Month, complete with my Crabtree & Evelyn!


Even Qai Qai made a guest appearance to "Namaste."

On International Yoga Day, here's some moves to help you get better ZZZ's.

Find out about this yoga practice that originated in ancient Egypt.

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Dating back over 5,000 years, yoga is the oldest defined practice of self-development. And running, like other types of exercise, is a great stress-reliever. Combine these two practices and the physical, mental and emotional benefits are boundless. As you already know, running is my drug of choice, however with two half marathons and the New […]

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