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Kanye West has gone off at a concert again! This time a straight jacket-wearing Yeezy wanted his fans to know about the tricks and schemes of corporate America. “Don’t sell your soul to these brands,” Kanye warned. Well, if anyone knows a thing or two about selling themselves to brands, it’s the Louis Vuitton Don, rocking his Air Yeezy’s! During “Clique,” Kanye couldn’t hold back his insight anymore and decided to give his fans something to remember, that he has apparently forgotten to tell him of his baby’s mother, Kim Kardarshian!

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Check out what daddy-to-beezy had to say in his rant that, according to NecoleBitchie.com, lasted over seven minutes:

Do y’all notice anything different to the left and the right, by the bar? Name brands always fightin’ for your soul. I just feel like I wanted something better, something fresher. It wasn’t because of the pressure it’s just that I wanted something better or fresher. See a lot of people buy brands because of the pressure, and without the brands they make you feel lesser. Every bus stop there’s a message, get like this. Pretty girl, black and white photo. Get like this.

Check out the video below:

What do you think about Kanye’s rants? Is he coming from a good place?

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