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Last night the Vice Presidential debates took place and I anxiously waited for Vice President Joe Biden to pick up–dare I say it–President Obama’s slack from the first presidential debate. Biden excited Twitter and Democrats all over America with his passionate delivery and hilarious reactions.

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Where President Obama didn’t bring up Mitt Romney’s “47 percent” comments, Biden took it head-on, punking Paul Ryan down, saying, “If you heard that little soliloquy on 47% and you think he just made a mistake, then I got a bridge to sell you,” right before looking directly at America (via the camera lens) and asked who we trusted. My vote’s to the Democratic party on this one.

Biden even changed the tone of his voice when the debate finally turned to where I begged it to go from the start–women’s issues. His voice lowered and according to many “Tweeters,” Biden adopted a more serious tone for a more serious topic. From start to finish, the Vice President made a believer out of me and I truly believed Biden was a boss during the debate.

Here’s the five reasons this debate made a boss out of Biden.

1. He’s Got A Denzel Weak-In-The-Knees Grin

Biden’s giggles and constant smirking was, as Piers Morgan called it–infectious. While President Obama had his ever-so-cool sly smile going during his debate, it didn’t seem to help his performance. Biden’s grin, however was the stuff gifs are made of. All jokes aside, Biden’s reactions were perfectly warranted against the “malarkey” Ryan pushed.

2. He Dominated

From totally owning Martha Raddatz by asking for his fair amount of time to challenging Ryan to rule out ending the mortgage exemption for people earning less than $100,000 and Ryan didn’t. Biden also energized the Democratic party with his passionate display at the debate. We needed this. From Biden’s first mention of “malarkey,” he dominated the debate and hammered down on everything from Iran to abortion, he wasn’t letting up.

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3. His Zingers Were On 1,000

Ryan couldn’t even keep up with Biden’s jabs. He basically disappeared on that stage, covered by Biden’s flowery performance.  With statements like, “I may be mistaken. [Romney] changes his mind so often, I could be wrong,” “Usually, when there’s a crisis, we pull together as a nation…the governor [Romney] was holding a press conference” and “Stop talking about how you care about people. Show me something, Biden was certainly on one last night. Although his entire contribution to the debate wasn’t about launching zingers. He still managed to talk about the issues and made the Democratic party look good.

4. He Made “Malarkey” A Thing

I should have started a drinking game with Biden’s use of “malarkey.” Biden used the term almost as much as he used “my friend.” It even became a trending topic. That’s how you know it’s real. Biden’s “malarkey” The word itself is hilarious to hear and I think Biden knew that it held some comedic relief.

5. He Assured Ryan That He Was, In Fact, Not Jack Kennedy

“It is mathematically possible… Jack Kennedy lowered tax rates, increased growth,” Ryan said.

“Now you’re Jack Kennedy,” Biden said, rolling his eyes and continuing to evoke memories of the ’88 debate, during which Republican Dan Quayle compared himself to President John F. Kennedy. Biden attempted to call out Ryan the same way Bentsen called out Quayle when Ryan attempted to defend his economic plan and argued it was possible to cut tax rates by 20 percent and still preserve many popular deductions and loopholes for middle-class taxpayers. That ladies and gentleman is how you serve them fools.

Do you think Joe Biden was a “Boss” at the Vice Presidential Debates?

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