Former Vice President Joe Biden announced his run for presidency today, sending loyal Obama followers jumping for political joy and Trump straight to his Twitter soap box. Biden’s bid at the 2020 election made him the front-runner for the democratic party and according to a, he is polling ahead of his adversary, who he came […]


There are so many awful things going on in the country right now and most sane people who were tasked with the highest job in the land of POTUS would be doing everything they could to try and fix things—but Trump is our POTUS and that’s not going to happen. Instead of doing the job […]

Barack Obama and Joe Biden could be teaming up again to save the world in a new cartoon. We’ve missed the bromance that marked Barack and Joe’s time in The White House. They were capable leaders who worked for the people because they were of the people, and a Kickstarter campaign aims to reunite them […]

Here's the scoop on everything you need to know on what the president is up to this week.

Donald Trump wants Joe Biden to step up as the Democratic party's nominee if Hillary Clinton is indicted on charges from her email scandal

President Barack Obama's seventh and final State of the Union address summed up all of the things the United States of America could be if he were to be elected for a third term.

VP Joe Biden shares that over the past seven years the bond that he and the Obama's share, transcends the work they do together in The White House.

Biden opted not to enter the race after he lost his son, Beau Biden, to cancer at the young age of 46.