President Obama’s nonchalant performance during the first presidential debate of the 2012 election has been receiving criticism from me to “Saturday Night Live” to the President himself! President Obama joked about his “losing” the debate and mentioned his performance wasn’t flawless.

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At a Los Angeles fundraiser Sunday night where Earth, Wind & Fire, Katy Perry, Stevie Wonder and others were in attendance, President Obama jokingly stated:

“Everybody here is incredibly professional. They’re such great friends and they just perform flawlessly night after night. Uh, I can’t always say the same.”

Watch President Obama Joke About His Debate Performance Below:

Hilarious. I love a man that can laugh things off and President Obama did just that during his speech this weekend. Always the first to parody anything political, “Saturday Night Live” chimed in on President Obama’s debate persona too, claiming the President was preoccupied with Michelle’s anniversary gift via the hotel gift shop and at one point even told Jim Lehrer and Romney to just “go ahead.”

According to the Daily Beast, this depiction of an aloof President Obama could only hurt him in the long run. They take us on a walk down memory lane with their mention of Tina Fey’s idiotic portrayal of Sarah Palin, claiming the character helped shape the way Americana felt about Palin as a politician.

We’ve had four years of President Obama and if we’re lucky, four more. The “SNL” parody was hilarious and so was President Obama’s joke about his performance. I doubt either of these will change the way America feels about giving him four more years. It hasn’t changed my mind.

Watch Jason Sudeikis & Jay Pharaoh As Mitt Romney & President Obama On “SNL” Below:


Has your mind changed on voting for President Obama because he fumbled the debate?


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