Michelle and Barack Obama celebrate their 31st wedding anniversary on Oct. 3. Amid recent celeb divorces, they are an example of Black love and partnership.

On this holy day, the only First Family we acknowledge is this one. Here are 30 of our favorite images of Barack, Michelle, Sasha, Malia and dem dogs.

Our #ForeverFLOTUS wants everyone to know the former First Family is home and healthy.

This is the only leader of the Free World we recognize. Sorry, not sorry.


"From our family to yours, #HappyThanksgiving!" our #ForeverFLOTUS wrote on social media.

Three years ago this October, our #ForeverFLOTUS hosted her final White House State Dinner the same way she came in...with style, grace, and beauty.

The 18-year-old former First Daughter is heading to the Harvard of the Midwest this fall.

Hours after at least 49 people were killed in shooting attacks at two New Zealand mosques, former President Barack Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama offered their condolences.

Our #ForeverFLOTUS is stunting on the literary world selling more than 2 million copies of "Becoming" in a little over two weeks.

Wouldn't the world would be so much better if folks just listened to us?

The former President put his support behind 81 Democratic candidates.