My personal mission statement that I live by is “If you’re afraid, DO IT AFRAID," Bennett said.

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Walker was elected months after last year's violent neo-Nazi rally.

The New Orleans City Councilwoman won a convincing victory over Desiree Charbonnet.


Black Hollywood united to launch a Public Service Announcement urging people of color to go out and vote on November 8th.

Coates explains that he took issue with Hillary Clinton's connections to Wall Street as well as her past involvement with criminal justice reform that has disproportionately hurt Black Americans.

  Democrats may not have as much support at the polls as they anticipated in this midterm election because the state of Georgia has misplaced thousands of voter registration applications. Somehow, Al-Jazeera reports, that Georgia officials have seemingly misplaced an astounding number of registration forms that just happen to have been filled out by a […]

Last night the Vice Presidential debates took place and I anxiously waited for Vice President Joe Biden to pick up–dare I say it–President Obama’s slack from the first presidential debate. Biden excited Twitter and Democrats all over America with his passionate delivery and hilarious reactions. Must Read: Why Don’t Black Men Vote? [ORIGINAL] Where President […]

Before she became our First Lady, Hello Beautiful got  an exclusive interview, with  Michelle Obama to give us the scoop on marriage and family, beauty and motherhood, and the importance of each individual voice during the 2008 Presidential election. Here’s just a preview of things Michelle had to say… On keeping it simple: “In my […]

Now that the Obamas are about to move into the White House, Haute House has some ideas on how to add some flavour to the décor.

Here at Haute House, I talk about different ways to introduce and add color to your décor. So whether you’re supporting Obama or McCain, it’s only natural that we talk about the colors red and blue on this Election Day.