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Our favorite sisters took over our television screens last night for a brand new episode of “Braxton Family Values.”  All of the girls met atToni’s house for some bonding time but had a big favor to ask of them. She wasn’t feeling her new back up singers and wanted her sisters to come and sing for her again. “I’m just going to have to eat crow, and bow down… and ask them to help me,” Toni said. It wasn’t hard for the girls to come to a decision and with Toni traveling to  St. Lucia for her next show that meant a free vacation for the girls!

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Meanwhile, Gabe was on a mission to get his marriage with Trina back in order. He met up with Mama Evelyn for advice on how to woo Trinaback because no one knows Trina better than her own mother. “I think she can point me in the right direction on how to make my marriage a success,” Gabe told cameras. Mama E agreed to help Gabe, after all, she was one of the only family member to forgive Gabe after he cheated.

Towanda had a bright idea for all of the sisters to participate in a booty popping class, to get right for St. Lucia. Firestarter–the dance instructor– got right down to business as soon as the class started. “Clap it. Wiggle. Wobble. Shake. Skank-a-vitch,” she told the girls. Tamar was working on her new title, “the Queen of Booty Clap,” while Toni brought her assistant to help sanitize her stripper pole .

Check out footage from the “booty popping class” right here:

Mama E took Gabe to the salon for a full makeover. He cut his hair and shaved his beard, giving him a whole new look. Mama E hoped that giving Gabe a fresh new face would help Trina take him back, but boy was she wrong. When Gabe met with Trina for dinner, Trina laughed in his face. “You look like Pat Sajak,” she said. Poor Gabe, he just couldn’t win that night!

After Trina finally stopped laughing, Gabe expressed his feelings toward her and told her that he wanted to make their marriage work once and for all. Trina told Gabe that it would take more than a new hair cut and a fresh face to make their marriage work out, but she was willing to consider the idea.

When Trina told her sisters about her encounter with Gabe, Tamar was not pleased. She  reminded Trina that she already gave Gabe two chances and he blew them. Trina appreciated her sister’s concern but knew that this was a decision that she had to make on her own. “It’s just ratchet,”  said the girls about the situation. Perfect choice of words!

Do you think Trina should take Gabe back?

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