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Last night was the conclusion to the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta reunion special. Although part one of the reunion show was absolutely crazy, part two offered a bit of closure.

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The episode opened with Stevie J. still struggling to answer the question of whether he and Joseline Hernandez were indeed a couple or not. He started on a long and elaborate explanation of the situation and eventually got to the point and said that he and Joseline are NOT a couple. Joseline co-signed, and politely said that all she wanted from Stevie was his sex and his money.

After Stevie and Joseline cleared up their relationship, Mimi and Joseline had a few words concerning who’s the bigger “superstar.” Joseline thinks Mimi should be more grateful for what Stevie has done for her. “What the f— did he do for me, Joseline? He ain’t do s— for me. He made you a superstar. What did he do for me?,” asked Mimi.

The next love triangle that needed to be addressed was Lil Scrappy, Erica Dixon and Shay Johnson. Shay took the stage with Scrappy and Erica and right off the bat, came in throwing shade towards Erica. “Check this b***!” Erica told Scrappy when Shay got out of line. Scrappy didn’t have to check or bring out the paws on anyone because Mona put Shay right back in line. “Do she not know her place?” Erica asked. Apparently not, because looking at Stevie’s love triangle, the side-chicks seem to be winning these days.

Scrappy told Erica that he loves her to death and told Shay that she is just his friend. Obviously, Shay thought her and Scrap were more than that, she felt Scrappy tried to downgrade their relationship on television. “Friend? I don’t have sex with just my friends, boo,” Shay told the audience. Scrappy maned up and admitted that he lied to both Shay and Erica, but that he wants to make things work with Erica and still be friends with Shay.

“Then go ahead and give her a chance, the things that’s in my name need to be in her name,” Shay said before furiously storming off the stage. But hold on Shay because you’re about to get more pissed! Scrappy put on his big boy shoes and proposed to Erica! “If it don’t work it’s cool, but is you gon’ marry a n—-?” Scrappy asked, on on knee. Probably the world’s worst proposal but hey, if they like it, we love it! Meanwhile, Shay wass backstage watching the whole thing go down with the most disgusted look on her face. “You win some you lose some”.

Karlie Redd and Benzino took the stage and Karlie admitted to loving Benzino and trying to make it work out with him after he proposed to her. What we didn’t know was that after Benzino took back his proposal, Karlie went to his house to try and talk things over with him and found a naked girl living there. SMH Benzino, what happened to the advice you gave Stevie J? “Monogamous!”

Last but not least, the mystery of Stevie J.’s autombile situation was revealed. “I didn’t have a car, but now I got a car. I’m not afraid to say I didn’t have a car,” Stevie revealed, only for Mona to reply with, “Now you got a check so you got a car.” Can’t argue with that!

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