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As if we didn’t have enough craziness throughout the season, part 1 of the “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” reunion special definitely brought it home! Hosted by Mona Scott-Young with a special guest DJ performance from Funk Master Flex, the reunion special opened peacefully (as they often do) and quickly took a turn for the worse within the first two minutes. Joseline wasted no time in letting all of her “haters” know that she is indeed THAT b*tch, that she is ALL woman and that she is beautiful and women WISHED they looked like her.

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K.Michelle and Karlie squared up for round three, four or five (who’s keeping count these days) and while Karlie refused to reveal her real age, K.Michelle made sure that the audience had a few laughs at her references to Karlie being born in the 1960s, looking like Michael Jackson in thriller, being Harriet Tubman and marching alongside Martin Luther King Jr. It was also revealed that Karlie’s butt is real however, her boobs are fake, and she has a daughter whom she did not give too much information on because she wishes to leave out of this mess even though K.Michelle alluded to the fact that Karlie’s daughter is the same age as her. Although Karlie didn’t have the best comebacks for K.Michelle’s jokes, she did say that she and K.Michelle are the same age. (Things that make you go hmm)

Karlie wasn’t the only one that K. Michelle was coming for during the reunion, she also had it out for Rasheeda, and after Rasheeda admitted that she didn’t believe that K.Michelle was physically abused by her ex boyfriend, K.Michelle was ready for war. She called out Rasheeda’s dysfunctional marriage, her wardrobe and her failing music career amongst other things while Rasheeda came back and insulted K.Michelle’s bipolarity, insecurities, and crazy personality. When K.Michelle tried to diss the bags under Rasheeda’s eyes, Rasheeda had had enough and jumped up to get in K.Michelle’s face. She didn’t get too far before her husband Kirk and a whole pack of security guards escorted her off stage. Yikes!

Moving on, Scrappy, Erica, Joseline and Stevie J took the stage to address their infamous fight, and although the fight was edited, Scrappy confirmed that he indeed put the “paws” on Stevie J. Stevie J didn’t confirm whether or not he actually went to the hospital but Joseline did get on Erica’s head and say that she used to dance in the club for Scrappy. Things got heated until Mama Dee took the stage to ease the situation, saying that things were uneasy on her throne (since Scrappy is the prince and she’s the queen -_-) so she wanted Scrappy to handle his business like a man, in that order.

Last, but certainly not least, Stevie J, Mimi and Joseline took the stage to address this love triangle that they have. Mona got Stevie to open up about his feelings about Joseline and her pregnancy, and although he admitted that he believed that Joseline’s baby was his, he revealed that he does love Mimi and is working on being back in love with her again. Joseline also admitted that she has no problem with Mimi, in fact she loves her because she loves Stevie, but isn’t worried about being with him in a relationship because she’s too focused on making her money (or that “bwread” as Stevie J calls it) and having good sex with Stevie. When it came down to Mimi’s turn to explain if she felt like the victim and weak in this situation, she said she didn’t feel either, and let all the “haters” know that she is self sufficient and doesn’t need Stevie’s money for anything. Joseline kept it real, and said it best, “Mimi, you handle him how you want to handle him and I handle him how I want to handle him” meaning: Joseline has Stevie J in check! “I’m not worried about Stevie because he’s not going anywhere”. Hate to say it but Joseline, I think you’re right.

Mona asked Stevie what his relationship is currently with Joseline, and but the hesitant look on his face it’s clear that they are still messing around. I guess we’ll have to wait until next week’s episode to find out Stevie J’s answer!

What did you think about this week’s reunion?

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