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lil scrappy shay johnson erica dixonWhen Lil Scrappy first appeared on “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta,” he was sort of the good guy. Despite cheating on his baby’s mother, Erica Dixon, with Diamond in the past, he seemed like he was ready to settle down and put Erica first. And, why shouldn’t he? she supported him, stood by his side through thick and thin, and carries herself like a confident working woman. Not to mention her beaming good looks and curvaceous body.

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Scrappy’s intentions behind Erica seemed noble, in fact heroic at times, like when he came to her defense after Stevie J. called her a “b**ch.” Together, they fought the enemy side by side.

It’s sad that only the scene before, Scrappy admitted that he and his “best friend” Shay “Buckee” Johnson of the “Flavor Of Love” reality show were more than just compadres. Scrappy backed his confession with a delicate rub of Shay’s a** (just in case Erica needed to squirm some more).

This isn’t the first time Scrappy hurt Erica. He carried on a full public relationship with female rapper Brittany Nicole Carpentero, better known as Diamond. Only, Diamond wasn’t in it for the love. She later cheated on him with Soulja Boy… Karma’s a b**ch!

Scrappy, a man who has broken hearts before, had a real taste of the hurt he had once caused Erica, but still, that wasn’t enough to keep him from mangling her chest muscle again!

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erica dixonUp until last night, Scrappy reassured Erica that he was only interested in her and if that ever changed she would be the absolute first to know! He pleaded for understanding when he wanted to move out of their home and clearly, the first chance he got, he filled his empty apartment with love from another woman.

What he failed to mention to Shay, was that he and Erica were trying to work things out and were still sleeping together. Like on the night he had the infamous asthma attack, that Erica had spent the night. Instead he worded it to a hypothetical situation asking what she would do if she had an ex in that predicament.

Using the excuse that Erica “left him for dead,” he ended things with his long-time “ride or die chick.” The next scene shows him dedicating himself to a relationship with Shay, who stakes her claim in a private confessional and throws shots at Erica for not being “needed.”

We don’t know the dynamic of Scrappy and Erica’s love but we can see right through Scrappy’s lies and manipulation on the show.

Lil Scrappy is slipping, here’s why:

5. His mother:

Lil Scrappy’s mother, Momma Dee, is a heavy influence in his life and one hell of a character. We love that he has a strong relationship with her, they say a man who respects his mother will (most-likely) respect other women.  The issue here, is that she is too biased. Having someone who acts as the mediator in certain situations is actually a good idea. Someone older and wiser, who has been through the same things can offer great advice. But, when that person can’t offer subjective information–it becomes a problem. In Momma Dee’s eyes, Scrappy can do no wrong. Yes, a mother should stand by her son, but the other side of parenting, is letting your child know when he or she is wrong. Momma Dee is Scrappy’s mother, but she is also a woman!

4. Lying to both women:

Scrappy is playing both Shay and Erica. While he tells Erica one thing, he is telling Shay another, causing a conflict between the ladies which has played out on Twitter.

erica dixon tweets

shay johnson tweets

3. Manipulating the situation:

Scrappy manipulated Erica, his mother and Shay in the “asthma” hospitalization situation. Erica claims she left him in good hands (with his friend) so she could go to work and continue to support him, her and their daughter. “You’re asthmatic, you have asthma attacks,” said Erica, condensing the situation from life-threatening to an annual occurrence. Scrappy convinced his mother that Erica left him for dead and he could no longer stand her lack of affection. Shay, who clearly didn’t know Erica Lil-Scrappy-Buckeey2had spent the night that evening, didn’t see Erica’s relevance in the first place!

2. Love vs Lust:

Scrappy seems to be blinded by Shay’s bodacious booty. Which we find odd, seeing that Erica has a round bottom as well. But you know what they say… “Ain’t no loving…like new loving!” But when that goes away…what do you have?

1. Blatant disrespect:

Do Scrappy and Stevie J know their very actions have been recorded and are being broadcasted on national television? It is one thing to disrespect your lover by cheating, but another to do it in plain sight… Poor Mimi and Erica, who have to watch the men they love parade around with another woman!

We understand that maybe Scrappy and Erica are just not meant to be. Every person you date isn’t the individual you end up with. We just have an issue with how the situation played out in front of our eyes.

We wish them well!

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