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I am natural, and when I say natural I mean natural. I know they say there is not good hair or bad hair, but if it was, mine would be in the bad, coarse hair category. I was wondering how to make my all natural hair curly also.



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Valentina! Valentina!

Stop right now and give your hair a huge hug!!!! You’re absolutely right. There is no such thing as good hair. You have the hair you were meant to have. It sounds like you just need some help on how to style and maintain your curls. Without knowing if your hair is ear length, chin length or shoulder length, I recommend twist or braid outs to achieve a consistent “s” pattern. You can also experiment with sets (flexi-rods, strollers, and yes, roller sets). Finally, refrain from heat. The wrong type of heat, applied too often or using a too high temperature can cause heat damage which often results in loss of curl pattern and dryness. No one wants that!


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