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kim kardashian kw earringsKim Kardashian may have been spotted rocking her “KW” earrings this weekend, but Kanye’s ex Amber Rose was the first to rock a Kanye label. It seems that Yeezy’s got a thing for making sure the world knows when a woman belongs to him.

It wasn’t long ago that Amber Rose was waltzing around town being snapped by paparazzi while rocking a sparkling “Yeezy” bracelet. And now Kim K’s been sweeping her hair up so we could catch a glimpse of her “KW” ear candy.

We see you Yeezy. But why the ownership? There’s so many classic signs that your man is possessive and Yeezy’s exhibiting at least three signs that he may be a bit possessive. We are talking about a man of a certain stature that is very used to getting and having things his way, so…yeah.

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1. He Gives You Things You Can Wear To Claim His Territory

It’s obvious Kanye’s a gift giver. He’s definitely got the means to keep any woman he dates in the latest labels. But Yeezy’s got a thing for giving a gift that keeps giving…for him. Case in point–Kim’s new KW earrings.

2. He Assumes That You Will Like Whatever He Gets You

Hello, it’s Kanye West giving you something. What are you going to say, “No thanks?” Kanye more than likely always assumes that his gifts are greatly appreciated. What woman doesn’t like getting a shiny new piece of jewelry, even if it has your man’s name all over it, thus branding you?

3. He Comes Along During A Low Moment In Your Life And Credits Himself With Lifting You Up

Kanye pulled Amber Rose up by her strappy, clear heels, cleaned her up and made her a household name. He also came into Kim’s life romantically when she was recovering from a publicly failed marriage and the embarrassment of allowing love to make her a fool. Kanye sure does know how to spot a damsel in distress that he can make sure he’s the one ray of light in her life.

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