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kim kardashianKim Kardashian’s been criticized for being famous without talent. So to silence all you Kardashian haters, Kim’s picking up a career that doesn’t require much talent–politics. The reality show mogul announced her plan via Khloe & Lamar to run for mayor of Glendale–a small part of Los Angeles that Kim refers to as “Armenian Town.”

“I decided…I’m gonna run for the mayor of Glendale…but it’s gonna be in like five years,” she told Khloe while visiting her in Dallas. By 2017 could we see a Kardashian in office, or…with a real job?

Watch the clip below.

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Here’s three reasons you shouldn’t vote for Kim.

  1. Kim doesn’t do commitments well. Mayors are usually in office longer than 72 days.
  2. Glendale has had the same mayor since 1993–Elaine Scruggs–who recently announced she would not seek an eighth term. Having someone in the same position for almost two decades creates some pretty big shoes to fill. Kim may not be talented, but the mogul does have a million and one things on her personal todo list, which doesn’t make time for important mayoral duties.
  3. Every strategic move Kim makes is all for show. There’s no way Kim would take being a mayor serious. Which means you could never take her seriously.

Would you vote for Kim?

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