Theraflu, as a brand wasn’t too keen on Kanye West using their name and likeness as the title for one of his latest singles, so he did what any rapper would do. No, he didn’t create beef with the over-the-counter flu medicine. Kanye…changed the song’s name to “Way Too Cold” and even tweeted about it.

This isn’t typical Kanye behavior. One thing Kanye is not and that’s a punk and this move was…punkish. I wonder why Kanye decided to change the name instead of challenging Theraflu? Here’s a few speculations why the G.O.O.D. Music mogul made the change.

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1. “Theraflu” has absolutely nothing to do with being sick. Unless Kanye was referring to being lovesick over Kim K. *Kanye shrug*

2. Yeezy is actually more of a fan of NyQuil.

3. “Way Too Cold” makes more sense with the single’s cover art, considering the headless woman with exposed nipples a la Rihanna.

Why do you think Kanye changed the name of his “Theraflu” single to “Way Too Cold?”

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