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ARIES – March 21 – April 19

The next few months will be busy for you. With all the things that you are juggling be sure to take some time for yourself no matter how little. A very good time to make some changes in and around your personal space. Better organization will help you accomplish more and be more efficient and productive. Opportunity for a smart investment comes your way, be sure to explore this, it can be a set up for future financial success. What you know about co-workers keep to yourself, a big blame game is stewing with your name being at the root. Be more patient with lover/partner, you take away from the fun being so uptight lately. Single? Hot and heavy romance waits, put yourself in the mix.

TAURUS – April 20 – May 20

Be prepared for an annoying week. Things will calm down by Thursday so grin and bear it. Allow your emotional concerns to be expressed without the dramatics. New and exciting ideas if acted upon will put you back on top and move you forward. Some time spent with someone you are attracted to and respect starts to blossom. No need to be too aggressive, it flows, so do not screw it up. Be less impulsive this week with any and all purchases, you can find yourself in a hole if you do not watch what you are doing. Go forward and do what you can do and have no regrets with work/and or projects that have long term potential. Rome was not built in a day. A plan of action that is executed this week builds momentum for the rest of the year. If single romance seems very available and organic right now, do not become overly concerned about love it takes shape on its own. Unexpected pleasant surprise pops up this week.

GEMINI May 21 – June 20

preparing this week how you can advance over the next few months is crucial. You have been on the treadmill long enough and it is time to make moves. Discussing what your plans are with those that understand it is key, do not discuss with the nay sayers or those that are not supportive. An owed favor comes just in time to give you that extra push you need to accomplish small goals that add up. Time to think more serious about what you want in a partner and what you want out of life. Having this pursuit in your mind will move you closer to that reality. A good time squash all issues with friends and family that there has been bad blood with. Forgiving and forgetting is part of your make up and you played a part in the squabbles as well, do the right thing. Do what it takes to enhance your romantic relationship, doing some things you do not ordinarily do will bring some life to you and your partner. To all the single men and women under Gemini, you are eluding love, love is not eluding you. Trust that you will find that one and they will find you as well.

CANCER June 21 – July 22

Spring is only a little ways off, so a good time to start some spring cleaning in your home and in your personal life. Start with discarding all things you have not worn or used in the past year. Those “friendships” that have caused you much too much theater learn to let them go until things get better. A much needed trip is discussed and needed this summer. If funds allow, go all out a little bit more, you definitely have earned it. Leave all rumors and gossip at work alone, it brings nothing productive to you or those you work with. An interesting and amazing partnership is headed your way. This could be romantic and business in nature. Expect the unexpected in your love life, Expect more good than disappointment. The Universe hears what you want and is actively trying to garner results you want, do not give up. Stop meddling and giving advice when it is not asked for. You mean well, but not advice is wanted or needed advice.

LEO July 23 – August 22

An amazing ability to concentrate will be upon you this week. Use this time to be as productive as possible and learn how to turn it on and off. This ability is always there you are just sometimes unable to focus to get a lot done. This is a good time to really start to fight for what you truly want in work and business, but get on this track without your infamous bossy attitude. Be willing to discuss matters in your personal relationship about what will make the two of you happy. Lots of highlights around love this week, romantic and platonic. A matter in the work place comes up and your name comes up, keep things low key and do not be so defensive, it passes quickly. Hear all the facts before you go confronting people. Make some changes and explore other ways to make cash, money does not and will not come from a tree. Love is lining up in the stars for you.

VIRGO August 23 – September 22

A feeling as if everything is out of your hands this week will be strong. Take a deep breath and grab your issues by the horns to regain control and get things in order in your life. Whatever happened is meant to be, do not drag around disappointment when things do not work out the way you want. Be clear on what is needed to advance you at work and business, this is half the battle. Learn to be more disciplined and focused, just because you are grown does not mean you can do what you want when you want. Time to shape up your finances long and short term and be more stable. Very important to perfect your ideas before sharing them with those who will help you, you have to show a sense of dedication and determination and you will get the help you need. Passion is on the rise this week, so pick someone worthy. Put some more nurturing in your relationship and show how much you care. Single ladies and gents, be more out and about and see just what is ready to come your way, you just might be surprised.

LIBRA September 23 – October 22

Strong imagination this week. You get inspired at the drop of a hat, DO NOT ignore this. There is creative fire stewing inside waiting to come out, and you will get this inspiration on and off through the year and it is to be utilized to the max. Lots can be accomplished if close attention is paid and a plan is mapped out for business and career. Emotional lows come around concerning love, do not harp on this or let it linger let go until all is better. You may have to invest something small to get a big return, use discretion, though. Socializing with people that motivate you will help give you that edge. If you are newly single embrace the challenge to date to find a suitable companion. It will be fun. If you are partnered, put your feelings on the table about how you want things to improve. Do not hold back it is all about communication and compromising from there to make things stronger and better. There is nothing to lose only to gain in making each other happy and complete.

SCORPIO – October 23 – November 21

You have always had to ability to filter through what is a lie and what is the truth. Trust this instinct. This week starts a little rocky with you being able to trust people, whether at work or in personal relationships. Listen to your heart. Work on not allowing your emotions to get in the way of making big decisions concerning money and love. Wishful thinking about how much money you wish you had comes and goes, remember if you can see you can have it. Set a plan in action to get what you want and claim it. Time to put together your own game plan to reach goals instead of always helping others reach theirs. Watch who you tell secrets at work because not everybody can keep a secret. There will be a work related opportunity that has big potential for you long term. Learn to listen to your loved ones instead of over talking them, this is crucial. Some emotional matters may spiral out of control if you do not stop these matters dead in their tracks.

SAGITTARIUS – November 22 – December 21

Money will be kind of tight this week, but the flow picks up nicely over the next month or so. You are going in the right direction with decisions pertaining to your personal life, trust in your own intuition because you know what will and will not work for you. A change in your outlook over the next few days makes you feel as though a lot has been lifted. Before April, a major decision having to do with a major purchase will have to be made. You will get it right. By mid-summer, love life is really steamy, but be sure to balance your heart with your head. Right now dating is a hit a miss, more of a miss but do not sweat it options become plentiful. Cut out the feeling sorry for yourself moments, it does nothing but drains your energy. A brighter and newer perspective awaits you, let it in.

CAPRICORN – December 22 – January 19

After this week work and financial issues become a lot easier. Some action will be taken and some assistance given that makes this possible. Pending money being held finally reaches your hands, use this money sparingly and only when necessary. Keep eyes wide open for a new opportunity by June. This opportunity can have long term potential so take advantage. You cannot buy love, efforts to influence someone will end up backfiring, understand your worth. Focus more on home life and family; this makes a world of difference in your overall spirit. A secret relationship is coming to an end much to your relief. Time to do what’s best for you and get ahead in life, be fearless. Your personal life becomes less confusing.

AQUARIUS – January 20 – February 18

A text or phone call you have been hoping for finally comes and excites you. Slow your roll and allow things to flow with no pushing or pulling. Be wise when making decisions about your personal life without basing things on your past decisions, today is a new day. Go hard on planting seeds now for later financial freedom; this is very important right now. You end up creating an opportunity unseen now and it finally shows up. Some bad luck around money comes to an end next month. Once over work hard to break the cycle. Take a closer look at what you have accomplished within the first 2 months of 2012. If you are not satisfied the time is now to get back on track go full speed ahead. Time will fly and it will be 2013 before you know it, no time to waste. Open your eyes to a confusing personal relationship and push past it. When a window closes another opens. We are upon the spring so it is time to do Spring cleaning anyway, the people and things that are not doing you good should be deleted.

PISCES – February 19 – March 20

Gain a strong hold on your emotions this week. Emotional uncertainty can lead you to make poor decisions about what is best for you. Rely on your past efforts to be a model for new accomplishments. You have the drive, however, sometimes other matters in your life covers it up. A game plan to increase finances that you could not get off the ground before is ready to soar. Figure it, put it in place, and activate. You money could see a new life in less than 4 months. Do not think twice about collecting owed favors, you have been there for others not it is time they deliver. Try to hold your tongue in the work place; someone will attempt to make you look bad, do not fall for it. A close relationship will experience some real issues this week that may lead to a temporary end. Give it space and time to let that energy pass. Do not go and become your usual overly dramatic self and make things worse. Be sure to let the ones in your life that mean a lot know this. You do not express it enough. Get a hold of old bad habits, time to get the monkey off your back.


Mr. Gonzalez,

I do not know how what you do works, but I find it very interesting. I was listening to you on 103 a few weeks ago when you predicted that the New York Giants would win the Super bowl. I was about to be on with New England, but something in your voice made me change my mind and I won 2,300 00. Would it be ok if I called you for readings about who will win football and basketball games? A friend of mine also told me that you called the NBA playoffs last year and a boxing match. I think that you should be a wealthy man if you would do the same thing, if that is you are not already!

Leon M

Hey Leon,

Well I am glad that you listen to me when I am on the air. No, it would not be ‘ok’ for you to call me for information about betting and gambling. What I do is not designed to win money; it is for the purpose of guidance and solidifies your future to be able to get the things we are supposed to have. If gambling or betting is the way that you are suppose to make money then the cards can confirm that, but who wants to live their life by chance? Plus in some ways it immoral and illegal. I will sometimes ask about the big sporting events on air for entertainment purposes. And that’s that!



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